The Visionary.
The Transformer.
The Trailblazer.

“I bring something about, binding it to a particular action.”
“My promise is one of positive transformation.”

First love.

Don Jack interacted creatively with the world pretty much from the get-go. He composed his first song at six years of age and at nine, Don conducted his school’s orchestra, leading them to a national music award.
After this early foray into leading folks to victory with creativity, Don went on to hit some important creative highlights in the UK music scene: as vocalist/drummer for the band Floodlight, the rock band Marco Polo, and in Candy, experiencing his first chart success with Burt Bacharach’s Please Stay. If you’re a fan of WetWetWet then Don is one of the people to thank – look for his name on their records.

Don is still making use of the insights he learned from the music business, in that industry and in others. And let’s face it – he has too much energy to be confined to composing for TV and video, though naturally, he does that too. Don has written the book, lyrics and music for Loch Ness – The Magic, Monster Musical. On occasion, he fronts the Carnevale Radio Big Band at corporate events, and he has directed and performed in Vegas-style floorshows. Don’s most recent studio project, new country duo JIMNI is typically streamed 2000 times every week.

For art’s sake.

You’d think with his musical talents and his ability to apply creative thinking to business needs; Don would be all created-out. Surely he must hang up his drum sticks and his strategic thinking cap and just watch Neil Oliver documentaries or something.
You’d think wrong. Don Jack is an artist as well.

At age 11, Don won the Brooke Bond Art Prize. He has since exhibited paintings and sculptures around the world.  He likes to organise art as well and curates the popular culture exhibition titles in the Museum of Movie Magic, Scotland. He’s very good at that – wherever the exhibitions appear internationally, museum visitor numbers shoot through the roof.

Narrelle Harris


Bad company.

Don Jack was honoured to be among a group of Scottish artists invited to take part in the Picture This touring art exhibition. Works by John Byrne, Peter Howson, Joyce Cairns, James McDonald, Lesley Banks, June Redfern and Don Jack, were exhibited in leading galleries internationally.

Countless commissions range from private individuals to corporates such as Philips, Virgin, Turnberry and British Airways.

Private Commissions

Don Jack, the Scottish artist, has encountered unexpected demand during lockdown.

The painter, will shortly begin one of his most important commissions yet, a series of Scottish themed works destined for high-end Giclée reproduction by one of the UK’s leading fine-art houses.


On his (not strictly) A5art website – Don Jack sources a diverse range of affordable, original and interesting pieces by a range of emerging and established artists.

With connections to the Scottish art scene, as confidant and art broker, Don acts provides an established conduit for well-known and emerging talent.


Don Jack Executive Curator at A diverse collection of art including works by artists also held in the Musée d’Orsay, including friend to Matisse and Picasso: André Derain, and Émile Bernard who was sponsored by Eugène Boch (see Van Goch) (see also Villeroy & Boch).


Founding partner at IDEAS®
where creative magic meets brand science.


Described as a brand magician, Don has designed gig art for Prince, worldwide campaigns for Adobe, book design for Virgin, community campaigns for Police Scotland, countless works for emerging business talent via the Scottish Enterprise high-growth initiative, green networks, charities and Arts Festivals.

He listens well, and he’s thorough. He’ll formalise the creative brief, garner enthusiasm, empower and inspire success. If you have ideas, he’ll turn them into reality. If not, he’ll help bring them into focus.

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Triple threat.

Loch Ness – The Monster Musical – the book, music and lyrics were developed and composed by Don Jack. The Musical was Finalist in the Cameron Mackintosh Group search for a new musical.
Soloist featured on the Majestic Scotland video is Christof Unterberger Vienna Symphony Orchestra, Vienna Film Music Award, Vienna Film Music Award, Moondance Film Festival Columbine Award, Hollywood.


Get Connected.

Times are tough. Everything has changed. For now, we’ll get by on the strength of the resources at our immediate disposal, our vision and our ingenuity — our optimism.
Above all, we can use this time to think – they say I’m good at that.
I’ve already helped many of my clients keep a calm head; certainly, they’ve helped me keep mine. We’ve adopted new ways, better ways. We’ve created opportunities that benefit their business, their clients, their people and their communities.
And if there is a silver lining, maybe it should always have been that way.

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