Don Jack

The Only Way Is Up

1988 singer Yazz proclaimed The Only Way Is Up
Around that time fashion designer, film maker, former alpine ski racer and Head of the Bogner clothing brand, Willy Bogner Jr. called for the movie: Bogner World, to be shot in Scotland.
Back then, there was no official development body for the arts and creative industries in Scotland. Don Jack was garnering a reputation as a creative director with an eye for the cinematic. Bogner would also required someone with a knowledge of filmmaking, logistics and prepared to take on the particularly difficult task of finding cast and crew accommodation during a mostly closed season. Don was appointed as a a one-man ‘Location Scotland’ to work closely with Bogner’s art director Hier Richtoven. One night, by a log fire, Don would discover Hier Richtoven, was a descendant of the Red Baron flying ace of World War I. (True- Doh!)
Anyhoo here is an image of Yazz from the beach-scene. Next day filming moved on to Mohamed Al Fayed’s Balnagown Estate.

N.B. During the Balnagown recce, Don was intrigued to see a portrait of Scots patriot, Sir William Wallace which hangs over an ancient chair (left) said to have been his property.
The seed of an idea for a private collection of important artefacts were sown which would later come to fruition in the Scottish Museum of Movie Magic.