Jason Faichney

Immersive experience and sense of place.

From town centre infrastructure and buildings at risk to hotels, bars and small cafes, whatever the scale, my team and I will reveal unique character and articulated a distinctive sense of place. We bring theatre to interiors, environments and exhibitions—if you can walk through it, we can design it. We create efficient, people-friendly, spectacular settings that work.
We’re very good at what we do, but we never say so.
We show so.


Get Connected.

Times are tough. Everything has changed. For now, we’ll get by on the strength of the resources at our immediate disposal, our vision and our ingenuity — our optimism.
Above all, we can use this time to think – they say I’m good at that.
I’ve already helped many of my clients keep a calm head; certainly, they’ve helped me keep mine. We’ve adopted new ways, better ways. We’ve created opportunities that benefit their business, their clients, their people and their communities.
And if there is a silver lining, maybe it should always have been that way.

Let’s talk about Art

Whether you need a boardroom portrait, art project or sculpture for a public space, or you have an idea or cause you want to explore in artistic form – get in touch.

Lets talk about branding

My team and I will help you achieve your goals via coherent strategy, strong cross-media brand development, and consumer-sticky thinking. Get in touch for:
Digital Marketing · Web Design and Social Media Assets · Brand Design · Advertising · Graphic Design · Interior, Exhibition and Event Design · Video Production

Let's talk about music

I want to meet you on Zoom or Teams, discuss your aims and ambitions, and how I can make a difference to your music or arts project.

CALL: 01324 716827